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Welcome to my world LifeLine911 where super foods=healthy body!

My name is Jeremiah Fitzpatrick, I am a regular male in his 50's and I consider my life to be challenging because of health and money or should I say bad health and low money. I know that their are many more people out here that are going through it like I did and that can change for you just like it did for me and that is what I intend to show you with LifeLine911.

I started working before I graduated high school in construction, I thought I was in good health because I played football, basket ball and lifted weights but I was wrong. Like clock work when I turn 39 two months before my 40th birthday I had a stroke in my left Brian stem and that left me paralyzed on my whole right side for about six weeks.

The stroke was in Dec 2005, two month later in February 2007 I had stomach cancer, they removed my stomach and gave me chemo and radiation, it took me 8 years to recover.

Ten years later 2017 I got kidney decease and had to go on dialysis three time a week, I am still on dialysis. Two months later I got open heart surgery, yes the cabbage. I had to get five by passes then two stents put in and that bring us to today as if that is not enough.

I am not going to go into all the money problems that came along with the health problems but they started together and things had to change for me and even more important my family I was the bread winner for my family so they dependent on me, through a lot of trial in error thing did change for the better with super foods and supplement. It changed my life and I be leave it will change yours too.


This guy below is my avatar : You will see him from time to time with an important message.


The Diet That Changed Me.


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